by Ocean Within

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The second release of Ocean Within, a seven-track ep full of brutal breakdowns and massive melodies.


released July 1, 2010



all rights reserved


Ocean Within Finland

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Track Name: Flashes Before Your Eyes
Enter this galaxy of thousands of stars
Stars are shining more than ever
Enter this level of knowledge
Far beyond the veil of existence there is rebirth

Close your eyes..

Open your heart
Open your mind
And you will truly understand

We are not characters in this game
We are the real forms
Word human is not meaningless anymore

We are not just words
We really exist

Track Name: TranShifts
End this misery
And my lust of knowledge
My curse is to have a burning flame in my mind

I'm weakened too much
Bombard me at your words
Open scars and judge me
Don't stop untill my knees collapse

My life is inside of my head
Where I was told that I could fly

But my wings are broken
The sun has melted them
I cannot escape anymore
My life runs thin
Track Name: Element8
Breathe air in a free world

Collect the leaves of trees
Count them, name them
Look to the sky!

Encourage the elements of this world

Heads held high when the greed of men spreads sickness
Nobody sees it
They are all blinded

Winds became to devour men
On this age of sacred terror

And everything starts turning as it was in the beginning

Collect the stars from the sky
Count them, name them
Look to the ground

We found our elements
We are the two immortals
Track Name: Count The Stars
Would you do it with me?
Heal the scars and change the stars
Would you do it for me?
I will carry the weight

All I ever craved were the two dreams I shared with you
One I now have, will the other ... remain

...when day and dream unite

I want to see where sirens sing
In the dead calm waters of pacific

Would you do it with me?

Everything that I wish is for the night
I wish I had one more night to live
Track Name: Morpheus
Doubt my extended sense
I'm the inquiring and reflective
Where truth is myth

I'm ready,
To denounce the spirit of time
To deny the essence of actuality

Hold your arms in air

Open your arms
Open your arms for perdition

I'm millions of life forms; eternal
Yet im not them - they serve me
Just like you

At least I am none
I'm the one
Track Name: Leaders
Call me by my astral name
Breeding fear through this world
Emptied from all human motion

Sights of towers reaching for the Moon
Stars are reforming - to enter the fourth dimension

Call me by my immortal name
Let me begin our journey
Through twisted ruins of uncompleted dreams
Through the time and space
Beyond all galaxies

Close your eyes and pray,
the wind will take you far away
Track Name: End of Eternity